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Q:what is a beauty professional?

A:  A beautician is an individual providing treatments for a range of beauty needs, such as skin care, eyebrow and eyelash treatments, make-up, waxing, massages and nail care.

Q: What is the best make-up brand out there in the market?

  Can you believe that there is not ONE brand on the market that is better than all the rest. Its true! There are specific products within a brand name that are top sellers, but that doesn't make them better. Marketing/Advertising will certainly help products sell, but top sellers are not always the best products. It would be very difficult to rank products because most contain similar ingredients and there are so many personal reasons why a customer likes one product or brand over another.

Q: Could you please tell me how can I make my self look milky fair like celebrities do even though they have a brownish complexion?

 Celebrities use a loose powder all over their face and neck that is either translucent or very closely matches their skin tone. This product sets their make up, but also gives them the flawless, milky skin you like. If you want to purchase this product remember to also purchase a loose powder brush as application is very important and you want the powder to evenly cover your face and neck.

 Q: Why is it necessary avoid sun exposure after cosmetic procedures?



.A: Many cosmetic procedures increase skin's sensitivity and vulnerability to UV rays, putting you at greater risk for sun-related damage. Also, sun damage can undo the benefits of cosmetic treatments


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